Alhambra Jail

Alhambra Jail

Our bail bonds agents in Alhambra know this jail well. We can do everything over the phone to begin to get the person out of custody. Our customer service dedication will make this process for you go as smoothly as possible. To get the bailing out process started, call us at 323-424-7372.

The city of Alhambra, CA maintains its own police force and jail. Individuals that are arrested by officers of the Alhambra police department will be detained at the Alhambra Jail, in addition to federal prisoners and its detainees. The jail is located at 211 S. First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801. This is one of the smaller jail facilities in the area. As such, sometimes arrestees will be taken to the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles or the Lynwood Jail for women if the Alhambra jail is overcrowded.

In addition, staying in the Alhambra jail until arraignment can result in a transfer to larger jails in Los Angeles, which is a far more difficult place to be bailed out from. Being bailed out of a large Los Angeles jail can take between 12 and 24 hours, compared to about a two-hour wait when the bail process is completed at the Alhambra jail. Thus, it is essential to seek out a bail bond arrangement as soon as possible if a family member or friend has been detained at the Alhambra jail.
Seeking out a reliable bail bonds agency is one of the best ways to make getting a friend or family member out of jail easy. Bail bondsmen are extremely well-versed in the paperwork, processes, and procedures necessary to get a person out of jail in an expedient manner. 

Doing this on your own can be difficult. In addition to raising sufficient cash to post bond, the procedure of posting bond and getting a person released from police custody can be a difficult, daunting process. One incorrect step can mean many additional hours of unnecessary waiting, and thus additional time spent in jail.
The bail bond process is relatively simple. When contacting a bail bond agency, an agent will interview the person contacting them, either the arrestee, or a friend or family member, concerning some basic facts about themselves, and the nature of the crime that the arrestee was arrested for. 

Questions can include information about employment history, home ownership, and financial status. These questions enable the bail bond agent to analyze the risk involved with posting the bail bond. If it seems that the arrestee is unlikely to flee and avoid returning to court, thus forfeiting the bond, the bail bond agency will usually agree to post bond for a small percentage of the bail amount, which is set by the state at 10% of the total bail amount.
Getting a bail bond posted as soon as possible is key to getting yourself, your friend, or your loved one out of jail in an expedient manner. Of course, bail bonds help those that are arrested escape the indignity of incarceration.

In addition, obtaining adequate legal consultation and assembling a strong defense can be considerably more difficult when the arrestee remains in jail. As such, obtaining a bail bond early on can be crucial in building a case against the charges levied against the defendant, and may have a significant outcome on what happens in the courtroom later on.
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