Arcadia Jail

Arcadia Jail

Our bail bonds agents are familiar with the Arcadia jail. To get the bailing out process started, call us at 626-380-0920. For your convenience, we can do everything over the phone.

Our bail bond agents in Arcadia know how stressful it is to have someone in the local police jail. Let us show you how fast and professional we are. If you, your loved one, or one of your friends has been arrested and jailed by the police department in Arcadia, CA, then seeking out the assistance of a bail bond agency is probably in your best interest.

Getting someone out of jail can be a confusing and exhausting process. By using a bail bond agency, you gain access to a team of experts that are familiar with the local processes, paperwork, and customs associated with bailing a person out of jail. This saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. In addition, a bail bondsman can help you get someone out of jail faster than you might be able to do yourself, which can be the key to getting into contact with a defense attorney as soon as possible.
When you contact the bail bondsman, they will collect a bit of information from you. This information will concern the length of residency in CA of the defendant and the person singing the bail bond, as well as questions regarding their employment history, credit history, and other information, such as the type of crime that the defendant was arrested for. This is done to assess the level of risk that is associated with the bail bond. 

In most cases, the risk is low enough that the bail bondsman does not require any collateral in order to post the bond. If you are obtaining the bail bonds for someone else, you assume responsibility for insuring that the defendant appears for his or her court date. If they do not, you will be required to assist in the location of the defendant in an attempt to get them to appear in court.

As such, you should not bail someone out if you do not have an established relationship of trust with him or her. If the risk of the defendant failing to appear in court is determined to be high, then it is likely that collateral will be required. In this instance, the bail bond contract will stipulate the collateral that must be offered to the bail bond agency as a guarantee that the bail bond agency will be able to recoup the money it uses to post bail.
After these questions have been answered and risk assessed, the bail bondsman will draw up a contract stipulating the bail bond fee, which is 10% of the total bail amount, as set by CA law, and the terms of repayment. Usually, this amount is required up front, though financing options might be available to you.

After this has been completed, the bail bondsman will send a bail bonds agent to the jail to begin the process. Once the paperwork has been completed, and the bond has been posted, it will take about half an hour to get someone out of the Arcadia police department’s jail.
The Arcadia police department jail is a 24-hour facility that can house up to 30 inmates. Since it is a relatively small jail, getting someone out is a relatively quick process, unlike the jails operated by the LAPD. The jail is located at 250 W Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91066, and can be reached by calling 626-574-5150.
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