Los Angeles Police Jails

Los Angeles Police Jails

Our agents use advanced software to get the whole bailing out process started in about 15 minutes or less over the phone. Speed without compromising service is what we strive for.

Whether it is a friend or a family member, having someone you love taken to jail for one moment of bad judgment is never easy to handle. If you are in this unfortunate situation, then more than likely the only thing you are concerned about is how you are going to get them out of jail.

There are rules that must be followed before your loved one can be released, but knowing who to turn to in your time of need will make the process much easier on you both emotionally and financially.

You first need to figure out what Los Angeles police jail the person is being held at. There are several police jails in the county of Los Angeles, but generally the person will be taken to the jail that is closest to where he or she was arrested.

If you do not have any ideas where to start looking for the person, you can visit the Los Angeles county arrest records website online. This website requires that you just provide the person’s legal name and birth date, and then the inmate information will be provided to you.

After you figure out which Los Angeles police jail the person in being held at, you should then immediately contact a bail bondsmen in your area. A bail bonds agent can get the ball rolling so that your loved one does not have to spend one more moment in jail. The agent will ask you basic information about the person and what the particular situation is. The paperwork will take time, but when you can provide all the information that they need, then everything goes much faster.

Bail bond agents are not always needed for someone else. Sometimes, you need their help yourself. You may need a bail bonds agent when you have a warrant out for your arrest because you have missed a court date.

If this is the case, then you will have to turn yourself in to the Los Angeles police department. You can set up your bail bond before you are arrested, so that immediately the bail bondsmen can have you back out. This will eliminate your bench warrant and save you the most time in jail. You can then avoid missing work and pay because you are sitting in a jail cell just waiting for your court date.

You need to get the bail bond process started immediately because it will take several hours to complete. If you are held in a Los Angeles police jail that is fairly small and houses only a few inmates at any given time it may only take two to three hours, but some of the larger jails in the county may take 16 to 24 hours before you are released.

Contacting a bail bonds Los Angeles agent when you yourself or someone you know has been arrested will make the trying time in your life much easier and cause the person to spend the smallest amount of time in jail.
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