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Van Nuys

Our bail bond agents in Van Nuys know how to make the bailing out process in the Valley jails go quickly and smoothly. The lowest bail rates possible, coupled with dedication to service, are what our bail bond agents strive for every day.

Our expertise with different jails in the Valley stems from our understanding of the Los Angeles Police Department’s station and jail in Van Nuys. In addition, our agents’ complete familiarity with Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley Jails gives us the edge in providing excellent service for our clients.

The LAPD’s goal is being able to better serve the Van Nuys community in Los Angeles, and the Van Nuys Division of the Los Angeles Police Department stick to their duties and responsibilities in this part of the city. This police station serves 325,000 residents, and has an area of responsibility of 30 square miles under the Valley bureau’s jurisdiction.

The Police Station in Van Nuys: Goals, Responsibilities and Programs

Their specific goals of the Police Station of Van Nuys include management and leadership, productivity, addressing life issues in general, community policing support, provision of courteous and prompt service, and the reduction of the fear of crime and crime itself.

They also have strengthened their ties with private security companies in the area, to further ensure the security of the whole community, as well as making sure that partnerships with the business community are set in place so that the existing Business Watch groups maintain and improve their effectiveness.

The police station in Van Nuys has a lot of mechanisms to make them perform their role in the community better. For one, they encourage the residents to help fight crime by making all crime-related information available, as well as other updates on the Van Nuys Community Newsletter. They also have a Report-A-Crime Program that encourages and educates people the proper use of the 911 hotline, as well as giving people an opportunity to text in anonymous crime tips 24/7.

The Van Nuys Police Station Jail

The station jail for Van Nuys is located in 6240 Sylmar Avenue in Van Nuys. It is of course open 24/7, but the visiting hours are from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM only, from Monday to Sunday. This facility operates in the same manner as any of the LAPD jails. The usual concerns covering the Van Nuys police station jail include bail procedures, arrestee concerns, and inquiries on arrestees.

For the public to find out whether someone they know has been taken in custody by the facility, they can call 213-473-6100. This hotline is also available 24/7. Only a bail bond agent, any member of the clergy, or an attorney can freely visit the arrestee anytime, but friends and family members will have to abide by the set visiting hours of the Van Nuys station jail.

Only one individual can visit the arrestee per day, with the exception of the three aforementioned types of people who can visit anytime. Bails can also be processed anytime and may be posted through US Postal Money Order, Western Union, cash, cashier’s check, or a valid surety bond.

Other Van Nuys Police Activities

Moreover, the Van Nuys Station also makes sure that they keep the public informed on crime concerns that may affect the whole community in general. They keep a posting of Van Nuys’ most wanted list, as well as make the information on the crime statistics of Van Nuys available to the public as well.

They also have an e-police sign up to make the public be part of their mailing list. This is the manner in which they provide information about law enforcement that will directly or indirectly affect the residents of Van Nuys.
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