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In some cases, you might just find yourself in the middle of mountain of problems where you urgently require bail bond in Santa Monica immediately. This is exactly what happened to the 67-year-old retiree, Patrick. He disappeared immediately and no one knew about his whereabouts for at least five days.

When he was arrested, the police did not establish immediately that he was attempting to assist an expectant woman quit a serious heroin abuse problem through locking her up in his home at Santa Monica. He only intended to prevent her from buying drugs. The police did not also understand that the lady was trying to escape but the mission turned sour in a jiffy.

Cops arrested Patrick and placed false imprisonment charges on him. Although it was possible to get bail bonds that would have let him be set free, he was unable to communicate to friends or the bondsman, which is a result of the nature of the phone he had access to. The phones used at the county jail could only make a collect call to another landline number.

Unfortunately, Patrick had not memorized even a single landline number. The telephones used in the CA jail are a great problem, and considered to be among the worst in US. Patrick only required an amount of $150,000 that he could easily raise, but unfortunately he was denied the opportunity by the fact that he needed to call someone outside to accomplish this process.

Inmates are often denied an opportunity to speak to an attorney or even bondsman as a result of the ineffective phone system. The only contacts provided in this highly restricted situation are listings of contacts of ambassadors of different states meant for use buy non-US residents arrested in the country.

The bail bonds are readily available, but the fact that CA jail does not provide contacts of bondsman at places where inmates can access them easily makes it more challenging to solve their issues. Luckily, there are plenty of bail bond services that only work via a single phone call, an email, or a personal visit by a loved one.

When you don’t have the cash to bail your loved one out, you can count on bail bonds to help you out. Even when you don’t have a loved one you can depend on to help in completing the bond, the bondsmen offering this service are dedicated in ensuring you get first class and on time services. Bail bonds come in diverse forms. 

There are cash, property, and federal bonds. The federal bails are normally higher than regular bails. This implies that many people cannot afford unless they seek a surety bond service. With Patrick’s case, this emphasizes the importance of ensuring that one has memorized at least a number of bondsman just in case anything happens.

You never know when you will find yourself in the middle of problems. Patrick admits that the four days he was stuck in the cell with no means of getting assistance was extremely scary.
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