Beverly Hills Police Jail

Beverly Hills Police Jail

We know how to bail someone out of the Beverly Hills jail in the quickest and the most confidential way. Our commitment to customer service is foremost. We will post the bond, wait at the jail, and take him or her home for you regardless of the time or day. All of this can be done right over the phone. Call us at 310-807-4066 to get the process started.

The Beverly Hills police jail may be best known for its clean facilities and “pay to stay” programs, but those individuals who are taken to this location for holding on criminal charges may be looking to get themselves out of the police jail as fast as possible. If a friend or family member has been incarcerated at this location and you want to bail them out, there is some information you may need to know first to speed the process along.

The Beverly Hills police jail serves mainly as a booking station, so it is best to begin the bail bond process as soon as possible so that the person you are trying to help does not get transported to another location. Because of the small facility, it only takes between 30 minutes to three hours to complete the process, where other larger jails may take up to 24 hours before the person can be released.
Before beginning the process of bailing out someone, you first must know their full legal name as well as their booking number. You will be asked this information when you contact the jail to determine how much the bail will be. To contact the individual you are trying to bail out, visiting hours for the Beverly Hills police jail are handle on a first come, first serve basis, so it is best to arrive early.

Depending on the amount set for the bail bond, it may be best for you to use a bail bond’s Beverly Hills agent. Seeing that the faster the person is bailed out, the more time he or she can have with their lawyer preparing their defense, it is best that you find a bail bond’s Beverly Hills agent as soon as possible.
The way a bail bond works is relatively simple. The bail bond’s Beverly Hills agent will require a payment of no more than 10% of the full bail amount to be paid. This amount is non-refundable, but the only amount required as long as the individual facing the criminal charges appears for all of his or her court dates. 

For some charges and bail bond amounts, collateral may be required. As the person facing the charges, they will be asked a series of questions and their background checked, to ensure that he/she is not a flight risk or have warrants outs.
Our bail bonds Beverly Hills agents can ensure that your friend or family member spends the least amount of time sitting in a holding cell and more time with a criminal defense lawyer. The more time the person can spend communicating and being prepped by their lawyer, the better chance the person will receive a lighter sentencing or win their case entirely.
The Beverly Hills Police Jail, which is located at 464 N Rexford Drive, accepts both cash bails and bail bonds. Depending on your personal situation, there is a quick way for you to find means to help the unfortunate individual you know end the nightmare of spending one more moment in jail.
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